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Should I Sing Pop?

110831 GNO opening 1

2011??!! My first “formal” and solo performance at Chalkers Pub, opened for Girls Night Out Jazz Jam. 6 jazz tunes with an amazing band. I know I don’t look like this anymore, but it was definitely me!

Since I graduated from York in 2012, I have been focusing a lot in the community – workshop participants, mentees, peers, coordinators, bosses, other people – most importantly, excluding myself.

I always tell myself, being a community artist, the artist is a part of the community too. That’s why I like to work with newcomers and women – I identify with them, and hopefully they identify with me too. We talk about things that affect us, and we sing them.

When students asked me to sing, I was always not sure what kind of sound I should sing…



I am going to pick up blogging again, to share with you festivals / community events / gigs that I care about. I learned one thing from artists self promotion forum: you don’t have to be everywhere and update every single hour. So, I’m still figuring out how often I am going to update this site. Hopefully the next time you come here, this post is not on top again.

Did I say it’s very lovely to meet you in the online world? You’re lovely, please make some great art today, be it just a good-looking-tasting Nutella sandwich. Cheers.