[Sound] Art

Sound and music, what is their relationship? Is musical sound considered music? Is noise music not music? What is singing? What is human voice? What is music? What are these sound waves going into our ears and brain?

I love thinking about these questions critically and create performance/art to present my doubts and findings. By incorporating my interests in improvisation and community arts, my sound art making process involves a lot of fun (at least I think so!). Contact me if you would like to have collaboration or have something cool and interesting to share!

In my final year of music undergrad in 2012, I created a soundwalk project with installations and performances for my self-directed study “Sound and Music: Beyond Categories”. The project was titled “Stop, Walk, and Listen: An Expanded Mobile Listening Experience”. The objective was to use mobile listening device (eg. iPod) as a medium to juxtapose the category of sound and music, at the same time creating a mobile aural experience for the participants to discover in-depth and more open perspectives about sound and music.

The soundwalk was held at Accolade East Building, York University on April 11th, 2012 for 2 hours. Among 7 activities in the walk, I’m presenting 2 on this page. Please open the videos in new tabs and have a look with the video description to know what is going on.

Take your time to explore! The project is about taking your time slowly and feel.

“Everyday Life on Shuffle” [First Part]

“Everyday Life on Shuffle” [Second Part – Post-Live Mix]

“Underneath Music” [ft. Dandan Mao]
Download an MP3 track here first. 

Questions? Concerns? Complaints? Love letters? Tell me 😉

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