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Private Vocal Lessons and Workshops

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For community organizations and non-profits, I have experience facilitating vocal workshops for community groups and in the under-served areas. Please contact me for more info.

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Teaching Philosophy and Approach

“I learned that you can do a lot of things with your vocals.”
“I learned that we shouldn’t judge how they sing and how they do in music.”
“It was fun to let out your feelings! Also I feel more connected to my classmates.”
~Grade 7’s

I love music, and I love to sing. I believe with a little guidance, everyone can make music, and self expression is necessary to live healthily!

There is no bad voice, really. You are born with your voice, and you can make music with it. Tone deaf? Can’t sing well? No, you are not :)

I believe music is everywhere, that’s why I like to work with people and the community. It is about the people and their feelings and thoughts. Music is about life, right?

From my coaching, I would like to see my students:
– happy and confident
– express themselves
– get to know friends
– improve their life skills (eg. communication and social skills)

Helping students to achieve their goals (be it to prepare for an audition or learning covers), I also encourage my students to feel the moment, to create and improvise — from scratch or over existing songs, because the music will be one of a kind. Let’s make your favourite songs your own, sing them the way you mean it. Be yourself — and that is the essence of creative singing.

Because singing/making music is to express yourself.

My vocal coaching approach is that your voice is your DNA, you will sound great as long as you sing in a healthy way. My knowledge in voice physiology and 10 years’ singing experience will help you to find your unique sound.

I offer first lesson free. Contact me and we can have a conversation to figure out what fits you.

Studio Location

Private lessons and workshops are offered at my home teaching studio.
My studio is located near Yonge and Sheppard, 10-minute walk from Yonge-Sheppard subway station. Parking is available as well.
Please contact me to receive my full address and direction details.

Pricing and Age Groups

Currently I accept adult and youth students for private lessons at my home studio. Students can choose to have the lessons weekly or bi-weekly.

Pricing: $35 per lesson (45 minutes) or $45 per hour
Semi-Private lesson (for two): $30 per hour for each person

I offer free trial lesson for all new student.

Please contact me to discuss if you would like the lesson to take place at your home.

Vocal PLAY! (All-age Workshops)

For something casual and for the families, I also offer bi-weekly drop-in vocal improv workshops, please click here for more info.

Questions? Simply contact me.