Holdable Music

By | August 26, 2016

My piece. Come by today 6-8pm for our community celebration! #art #communityarts #gardinerCAS #circles

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5 days of creative exploration, and no I didn’t find out exactly what is holdable music. I think, it is going to be an evolving definition.

When I truly believe in my mind, my imperfections, my everything, my art and music are holdable.

There are a few common themes that we discovered while engaging with the community: harmony with nature, unity, and memorable moments with loved ones. We would love a better world, and we can express it through creating something. That goes with music too.

The residency did inspire me to write a song. I have the sound in my head, but it is not ready to be presented yet.

As a musician, music is holdable when I truly believe and make things happen.

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