Event & Project Portfolio

Bringing people together excites me. I strive to create memorable moments for stakeholders, patrons and event attendees.

I have led festivals, community events, showcases, and outreach/promotional events for arts organizations and small businesses. I have worked as the lead planner for small events under 250 people, and am happy to collaborate with a team for large events.

Virtual Project

After Hours with The Barista League

Past Events and Projects


Values and Commitment

People First 

Is the event enjoyable? Will the guests have a great time? Is the event welcoming and inclusive for guests, yourself, and those who work there?

Purpose and Impact

What are the goals of the event? How do we achieve them? We want to pack the house with happy people, who will return for the next event!


Is the programming fun and artful? Does the decor tell a story? Is the music engaging? Are we collaborating with artists and creative entrepreneurs? Are we thinking outside of the box?