Ensemble of Circles

By | August 22, 2016

First day of residency. Come join us to weave and sing until this Friday! #art #vocalimprov #singing #hoops #circles

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First day of residency at the Gardiner Museum. Pamela and I started setting up since 8am, and I kept asking myself, what do circles mean to me?

At this residency / creative exploration / experiment / anything that you can be inspired by, we are weaving hoops and creating sound poems.

From the perspective of vocal improvisation, singing in a circle is close to my heart, body and mind. It just….feels so complete. Being in a circle, I can see and hear everyone. I feel involved, safe, and powerful with the togetherness of people. I am a part of the circle, a part of the community, a part of people’s stories.

I love to bring people together through singing. We all have a voice to do something, including make something beautiful, and that is up to yourself to define what it is.

I think sounds are round. A beautiful sound is an ensemble of circles.

Experience circles, they signify completeness to me.

I will try updating my writing during this residency, and you are welcome to join me physically at the Gardiner Museum from 1-4pm, or online anytime. We also have a celebration on Friday 6-8pm, because life is worth celebrating :)

**”Circles” is a cross-disciplinary project by May Chook and Pamela Schuller at the Gardiner Museum’s Community Arts Space. More info on the Gardiner Museum’s website.

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