Connecting the Dots

By | December 16, 2013

Yuri Murakami (healing artist) and her husband Luc Bihan (sculpture artist) with their lovely child Amétiste, me, and the family of Ralph Davis, Emi Saeki and the very energetic Kaede.Dec 12th marked as one of the greatest moments in 2013 for me. Since I submitted an event proposal to East End Arts two months ago, I hosted this arts networking event called “Connecting the Dots” at Red Rocket Coffee on Danforth. Thanks to the managing director of East End Arts, Cindy Rozeboom, who was very supportive throughout the planning and hosting process,  I also had a lot of freedom in planning and decision making. Check out photos on Facebook here and see below, credit to Cindy Rozeboom from East End Arts.

It was a great turnout. I had a mild cold (which turned into lying-in-bed-kind-of-cold the day after) but I was trying my best to make this a memorable evening for all the people who attended. An evening full of creative artists from various ages, disciplines, and levels, lighted up the beautiful creative lights of the city of Toronto.

It made me want to host this kind of event even more. One that is inclusive and encourages creativity. One that promotes local artists. One that has good food and stories to share.

Emi told me that she is shy in most events, but that evening she wasn’t shy. She went up to the stage with her daughter Kaede and told everyone that they love art.

The neighbourhood just got prettier a little at that moment.

At the moment we create something beautiful, even if it’s small, our life gets prettier a little. Can you imagine the power of collective creativity?

Something cliche but necessary to do: a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and gave me support, East End Arts especially Cindy Rozeboom, my volunteer Eva Vertesi, Red Rocket Coffee (manager Liako, Natalie & Jonny) for offering the venue for free and made us fantastic pastries, barista Chris and Ben at Red Rocket, North York Arts’ Lila Karim & Laura Copeland, those who helped spreading the word, and my partner Nick Ho who can always put up with me acting weird at home every time I have a project.

Next time, I’m going to sing a song.

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