Community Arts-Events

I received some training in Community Arts Practice (CAP) at York University and have been actively involved in the Toronto arts community since 2012. My focus is to make art and music accessible to create a healthy and empowered community. I conduct music workshops, perform for seniors, and plan events that connect artists and the public.

Check out photos of my arts networking event “Connecting the Dots” with East End Arts by clicking the photo below.

Check out the following video when I wrote and performed a song for my CAP class. I was trying to create a song that was catchy, simple, improv friendly and participatory. Accompanied by David Padbury, backup by Nicole Burke and Kaili Kinnon, video by Yessi Arifin.

Together-gather Blues

Not about the song, but about us.
Sing the blues together, it’s about us.
Singing here and now, together-gather.

I’d never sing the same melody twice.
We’d never sing it the same way twice.
So much fun to play around, together-gather.

You can sing the blues [oh oh],
Everyone sings the blues [oh oh],
No one’s gonna judge you; [no no no no].
We’re singing the blues, together-gather.

I don’t need to get paid to sing here.
It sounds so different when it’s not only me.
Money can’t buy together-gather.


Feel free to contact me to conduct community workshops/events and perform for community events, or anything that you think it’s cool.

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