Artistic Philosophy

My works and all are around creativity, expressions and accessibility.

I envision a community that is creative and healthy Рboth physically and emotionally.  I would like to make the society a better and happier place through music and art.

I would like to make music and art accessible.

Workshop Activity photo

Notation of Feelings and Stories. One of my regular activities for youth/children workshops. This specific one done at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, a part of creative music program with Arts for Children and Youth.

Works are self expression, don’t stop creating.
The quote was inspired by abstract-expressionist-artist Agnes Martin. Creative expressions push us forward, make life more interesting and lead a healthily balanced life.

I value improvisation a lot in music and art making. Improvisation is about the moment that is shared by everyone in the same room.

I believe art is in all of us. We were born artistic in our own ways.
I believe art can make a change.
I believe each of us can make a difference.

Small change is change.

Last but not least, have FUN and don’t stop creating!